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vietnamese [Oakland]

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Would like recommendations for Vietnamese in Oakland after the ball game Thanks

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        Those are both great. Ba Le's mostly banh mi. Pho Ao Sen has a full menu.


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          Ao Sen is the best pho and bun I've sampled, and Ba Le has the best banh mi, and a handfull of other items on the menu. However, be aware that most of the East Oakland places shut down by about 7:30 pm. I think Ao Sen lists 8:30 as their closing time, but have been closed or closing around 8 pm a couple times I tried to stop by.
          Banh Cuon Tay Ho and Binh Minh Quon downtown have more varied menus and are open later.
          Hounds have been talking up Sidestreet Pho in Alameda, but I haven't made it there yet.

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              I've only had one dish at Sidestreet Pho, but it was excellent. In the Park St. area of Alameda there are also Pho Sinh and Dragon Rouge, both of which are open later than the some of the places in Oakland. Dragon Rouge is a little more Americanized, but the setting by the water is nice and they have a full bar.

          1. Monster Pho on Broadway at 40th. I think they are open til 9:00...closed on Tuesdays. Pho, bun, banh mi...great sevice and very clean.