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Jul 20, 2014 07:57 AM

Toon Thai 30th & Park Avenue South?

Has anyone actually tried this place. We are looking for something close to Desmond's Tavern on a Saturday night. We definitely do not want burger's and such and Indian food is a little too heavy. Unfortunately we really are kind of stuck in that general vicinity as far as restaurants are concerned.

If the Thai place is bad is there anything else within two or three blocks? (Yelper's have suggested that the Pad Thai is "sweet as Rock Candy." My feeling is if a Thai place cannot get Pad Thai right, that Is not a good sign (and "sweet" is a no no in my book). However, other dishes were deemed acceptable by other posters. But I don't really put much stock in most Yelp reviews. Therefore, if anyone can weigh in that would be great.

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  1. Haven't been- i live in the area though.
    First choice would be eat at the bar at artisinal.
    Otherwise there's Pio Pio a few blocks over on 34th st near 3rd ave, or pizza 33 is solid- great garlic knots.
    Mishima on lexington is good for sushi, not mind blowing but reasonable prices and non sushi items.
    Les halles is a few blocks down on park but i haven't been in ages.
    And obvs 2nd ave deli and sarge's are nearby but doesn't sound like what you want.

    1. It has changed its name, is not the same as it used to be, and is sooo bad.

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        It did change its name, to noodle bar. It is the same as it used to be, except more noodle dishes have been added. This goes along with the name change "noodle bar". Since the name change business increased quite a bit. I used to frequent Toon's when they were on Bleecker St for decades.
        The food at the Park Ave location is better than it has been, since Toon ( the owner) is presently the chef. She is an excellent Thai cook.
        Several of the noodle dishes are good, The laab is excellent, the moo yang is good. They will make your food as spicy as you request. If you don't request hot , it won't be.
        Their other locations are Tom and Toon on W 56th st.
        Grand Central Station ( fast food)
        John Street, ( a name with Basil in it)
        I was at the Park Ave location twice in June and July. Definitely better than it was a year ago.
        Nice waitresses too.

        1. re: foodwhisperer

          I found just the opposite. Used to love it and since my office moved nearby was very excited to be close to it. Tried it twice and didn't even finish the food.

          I've been on a major thai kick for almost a year now - Pam Real is my favorite.

          1. re: thegforceny

            I believe there are two Pam Real restaurants. I don't particularly like them. I think perhaps when you were at Toon's , Toon wasn't cooking. I believe she is training the cooks that are there now to learn how to make dishes properly. She is Thai, and is a good cook. I do hate their dumplings, fish cakes ( tod mon pla) and other things they get frozen. But the laab, and noodle dishes ( some of them) I like a lot. I like the whole fish a lot there too.
            Uncle Boon is my favorite Thai place presently.

            1. re: foodwhisperer

              There is one Pam real now. W 49th.

              LOVE Uncle Boon's Khao Soi.

      2. I went to Toon Thai over half a year ago. Given it's location, you have to expect that they are serving up less-than-authentic Thai dishes (and yes, I found the Pad Thai too sweet to my liking).

        Maybe try Le Parisien (French), Bistango (Italian), or ilili (Mediterranean)? All of them are within walking distance of 30th and Park Avenue.

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        1. re: kokoro

          Byblos on 28th and Madison for excellent authentic Lebanese/Syrian.

        2. If you want Thai head over to ViV on E 34 St or Jaiya Thai on 3rd Av and 28 St