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Jul 20, 2014 07:26 AM

Looking for great counter service eats in Philly

Hi all! Heading to Philly next weekend with our two young kids. We have all our eats planned except Sunday lunch. Looking for a delicious, non-sit down option. We're doing Federal Dougnuts on Saturday but would appreciate options in a similar vein. We are well aware of Redding Terminal Market as an option. Anything else? Thanks!

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  1. maybe the Blue Anchor at Spruce Street Harbor Park - Garces served from a shipping container

    Lots of people bring kids to the frankford hall beer garden on Sundays - they have window service hot dogs and pretzels and the like

    1. You may enjoy Franklin Square: there's a carousel, mini-golf (Philly themed) and a Steven Starr Square Burger where you can get burgers, dogs, fries, etc.

      1. Paesanos or Sarcone's in the Italian Market. Not sure about Sunday hours.

        The Oval should be rocking with food trucks then too:

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          FWIW many Reading Terminal Market stands are closed on Sunday so if you are planning to go there you might want to switch your days around. Another good option would be to sit at the counter at Pizzeria Vetri which is close to Frankin Institute and very kid friendly.

        2. there a couple of trucks at the Sunday Headhouse Square Farmers market in addition to the taco stand. You could also get breads, ice cream, fruit, lemonade and spreads (from Talulah's table) to supplement. and there's a little sprayer/fountain area that the kids might like. Or grab a pizza from Pizzeria Stella.

          1. Mama's Falafel on 20th St, very casual, great falafel and hummus.