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starving in Times Square....

Arriving before noon today. Need quick and really good before going to 9/11. Area - 40th & 7th. Recommendations appreciated!

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      Great resource ... much appreciate

    2. Not sure what your budget is or what you like to eat, but dim sum at Hakkasan is quick and really good.

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          EDIT - just realized the OP has come and gone.

      1. at the risk of sounding like a broken record, i'll say Szechuan Gourmet on 39th bet. 5th & 6th. it's a 7 minute walk according to google.

        my favorites, in no particular order:

        pork dumplings in roasted chili oil
        eggplant in spicy garlic sauce
        sauteed string beans
        braised beef with napa cabbage
        mapo tofu with pork

        1. +1 Szechuan Gourmet
          Xi'an Famous Foods 45th 5/6
          Larb Ubol

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                oh scoop, surely those leads are stale by now, they're practically last week. go back to Peoria.

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                  Got side tracked by my nephew whose interning in NYC this summer ... ended up at Vapiano. He begged us to come over closer to where he's staying so we could hang for awhile. It was suprisingly good. And with the party I was with, gave adequate options to satisfy everyone. Cool area to wander thru afterwards.

                  Thanks for thr suggestions. Will keep them for the next visit, as we liked staying in that area.