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Jul 20, 2014 07:05 AM

Sunday Breakfast/Lunch/Brunch in Westwood

I am taking a friend to the Westwood Art Fair September 14, a Sunday. Where should we eat? I would prefer someplace that takes reservations, has vegetarian options, and is not an all-u-can-eat buffet.

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  1. Maybe Tavern in Brentwood? Only a few minutes drive from Westwood.

    1. Takes reservations for breakfast is a tough one, most good b'fast places- that aren't in a hotel don't take reservations and westwood doesnt have much in the way of great b'fast.

      Tavern, like Servorg metioned. Farmshop also (a bit further away) takes reservations. The other direction you can try Bouchon.

      1. No reservations but a great breakfast can be had at John O' Groat's on Pico. There will be a wait but it always moves fast.

        another option is Lenny's Deli on Westwood Blvd.

          1. re: Thor123

            Or the Hotel Bel-Air is another option very close by. It's a prix fixe, but not a buffet, and the grounds are leafy and lovely (Bring your ballet slippers and dance to Swan Lake by the Swan's Lake?).

          2. Napa Valley Grille is nice. That's my "go to" place before and after the Geffen....and I've found the food to be really quite good.

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              We've hosted two family Christmas Eve dinners at NVG and I agree with the food being "good" but not great at a fair price point. The service and setting are both also very pleasant.

              1. re: Servorg

                I agree Servong. I wouldn't call it "destination dining", but always find it a pleasant, solid experience. Went Saturday after the Geffen, and it was very nice. Staff is friendly. Chef and manager stopped by. Food was good.

                1. re: Servorg

                  Agree. Still think the pool at the W is more fun.