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Jul 20, 2014 06:23 AM

Birthday dinner near Middlesex

Hi all,
I have a special friend who I would like to take for a birthday
dinner . This would most likely happen on his actual birthday which is a Thursday. I am considering seafood as I know that is a favorite of his. Looking at mr. Shrimp in belmar.. Belmar is a little far for a person with work the next day but will go if you all think it's worth the drive. (45 minutes). I am open to other cuisines if closer as he is fairly adventureous food wise . This does not have to be a fancy place. Infact casual atmosphere is preferred. But good fresh food is the number one priority. Price is not an issue. Nothing too trendy just good solid food. Can you give me any help? Thanks.

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  1. I'm not a seafood eater, but have heard a lot of good things about Mare Seafood in South Brunswick. It's in a strip mall that I go to a lot for other businesses, and wouldn't have guessed that this place was so popular.

    1. Thanks for the reco. The reviews look great.

      1. While not a seafood restaurant per se, there's more than a few goodies on Drew's menu that would fit the bill for most seafood lover's palettes. Plus, it's so damned good.

        1. The Barge in Perth Amboy is one of our favorites, specifically for the shore dinner.