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Jul 20, 2014 06:15 AM

NYT Cooking Digest

I really like their new digest/newsletter. Take a look here:

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  1. Thanks. I just subscribed.

    1. thanks - I just subscribed too!!!

      1. Thanks! Nice resource!

        1. I never responded to this thread but wanted to thank you. I signed up, probably July 20th (maybe the 21st, since I do celebrate National Moon Day every July 20th, which keeps me busy).

          I was wondering, do others still subscribe and if so, do they enjoy it as much as I do? The random stuff that hits my inbox thanks to this newsletter is quirky in the extreme. This week: mushroom lasagna, miso soup, fried chicken and grilling.

          Thanks to G-mail automatically putting all this stuff in the Social folder, my primary e-mail does not get clogged. If I had subscribed using my other email, I'd probably get irritated by the volume of newsletters they send.

          So, anyone else still getting the newsletters?

          1. I am still subscribing to the newsletter. I also use the App version and read the NYT Food section weekly.