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Jul 20, 2014 04:17 AM

Really good yakitori at lunch time in Tokyo

Any suggestion? I hope to try some unusual parts of the chicken. I have searched and searched but I have difficulty finding recomendations for lunch time.

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  1. Yakitoriya are a subcategory of izakaya, and a good rule of thumb is to go to izakaya in the evening, not at lunchtime. Many izakaya aren't even open, or if they are they tend to offer budget-friendly quick teishoku meals.

    There may be a few yakitoriya that do a proper meal at lunchtime, but you'll have far more choice in the evening.

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    1. re: Robb S

      I see. Thanks for that tip but unfortunatly my schedule at the moment seems full for dinner except in Kyoto. Maybe I should do yakitori in Kyoto instead then.

      I did find this one in Ginza. It seems they are getting good reviewes and they are open for lunch it seems. Do you know them?

      1. re: Roysen

        I haven't been there myself, but I believe it was recommended on this very board quite recently.

        1. re: Robb S

          Isehiro does do lunch. If you reserve a seat, you must order the 3,800 Yen set menu which, if i remember correctly, includes 9 pieces of yakitori, some soup and a very small salad. I sat at the counter -- about 6-8 persons, in a very tight space, with a wall right behind you and a glass wall separating the grill right in front of you. There are also tables on the first floor and an entire second floor which I did not see. I thought this place was good, but I would not rush back.

          I researched a bunch of kushiyaki / yakitori places in search of one that served yakitori at lunch. While many places are open, at lunch most places only serve a chicken and rice bowl or some other variant. For yakitori lunch, on the weekends, there is ZenyaRen:

          1. re: ethan111

            Correct. Miyagawa around the corner from the US Embassy is great, and their lunch sets are excellent value. They will serve you individual sticks, but not outside of a set for lunch.

            1. re: ethan111

              Don't get me wrong - ZenyaRen is a lot of fun, and I've had some nice food there at very reasonable prices. And it's a great place to make last=minute Friday night reservations for a group of ten people. However the menu is huge, incorporating fullish menus (not just three or four items) from seven different restaurants around the country. Prices are so reasonable that I don't mind making repeated visits to find out which dishes are great and which are merely average, but maybe I wouldn't recommend it as one's only Tokyo yakitori experience.

              1. re: Robb S

                Agreed, was just adding another lunch time option -- given there are just a few to choose from.

          2. re: Roysen

            I have changed my around on my itinerary and there are now open spots for yakitori for dinner.