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Jul 19, 2014 11:30 PM

Dualit New Gen Toaster vs Other Dualits

I'm in the market for a toaster and am rather enamored with various Dualits. I've read enough to know to avoid their cheaper Lite line but have found little on their New Generation line. What do you think of the New Gen line vs the classic models? If you prefer the classic, is it advantageous to find a well-priced gently used one as opposed to buying it new due to reviews stating they used to be better made? Thanks.

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  1. Good question; many friends of mine (round 2 of buying toasters after 20 or so years) are going with the Breville. I like the look of those Dualits.
    I would just be happy to have HOT toast versus warm to cold really quickly.

    1. I bought a 4-slice Dualit NewGen a few months ago. I couldn't be happier. Well-made, and very predictable with regard to toast doneness. I have no complaints.

      Also, most retail outlets are selling the non-chrome version for roughly $319 (Chrome higher) but Crate and Barrel is/was selling the 4-slice New Gen for $199 in cream. the 2-slice is less.

      1. Amazon has a section of their online store called "Amazon Warehouse Deals" where they offer open box, damaged box and returned items with a full warranty.

        Sometimes it's a good deal, sometimes not. So check the discount price against their regular price. I bought two Dualit Classic toasters (a 2-slicer and a 4-slicer) for about $125 each a couple of years ago. Keep checking their website as they add new things daily.

        Dualit toasters at Amazon Warehouse Deals

        Amazon Warehouse Deals - Main page

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          I didn't even know that page existed; if it says "used" does that really mean used. I read the whole thing and can't seem to say where it says if it's an open box or a store return.

          1. re: itryalot

            The items that I have purchased that were listed as "used" were actually just open box returns.

        2. Be aware that "used to be better made" may refer to a very long time ago. We had them at school in the mid 1970s and, yes, they were much more beefy and solid than the Classic line available nowadays (I have a recent one, and they're still good). Also FWIW the timer ran at a much slower tick rate. I guess it would be tricky to find a reasonable one from 40 years ago.