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Jul 19, 2014 11:09 PM

Low-content alcohol for a person with a heart failure

Hi! I'm looking for some low-content alcoholic drinks. I've tried a few wines , but I haven't tried anything else. I would like to, though. Now, here's the kicker: I have congenital heart failure. However, my cardiologist has said I could drink low-content alcoholic drinks in moderation. So, with all that in mind, what would you recommend?

P.S. I'm not wanting to try alcohol because of peer pressure or anything like that. Very far from it. I'm simply wanting to see if I want to expand my drink choices.

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  1. Ask your MD what they mean by low alcohol. What abv % or proof that means.

    1. For a period, I experimented with low alcohol drinks for cardiac reasons. Strongly flavored bitter amari and aromatized wines are your friend. Try Aperol (11%) with ample seltzer and lemon or lime. Or a mix of dry and sweet vermouth with seltzer. Or Bonal Gentiane Quina and soda / lemon.


      1. One of my favourite summer drinks is umeshu and soda, mixed as you would a highball, with lots of ice.

        Umeshu is Japanese plum liqueur, and is only about 15% alcohol to start with, so you end up with a much lower concentration than a highball made with standard 40% spirits.