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Jul 19, 2014 10:14 PM

Pera's: My new favorite place in Addison

Pera's opened a few months ago on the south east corner of beltline and preston. It has a terrific tapas menu, is reasonably priced, has great service and most importantly, great food.

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  1. They have been on Preston just north of Campbell for a number of years serving typical Turkish dishes.

    What is your favorite dish on the menu?

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    1. re: LewisvilleHounder

      My favorite was the Pachanga Borek, pastrami, mozzarella and peppers all melted together in a flaky filo dough. I also really liked the quail over pomegranate molasses, and Cornish Hen with JalapeƱo Couscous.
      For dessert they have apple baklava which is excellent. The house made fresh and hot bread with yogurt instead of butter is also terrific. My wife loved the egg and grilled asparagus dish, which was a soft boiled egg over nicely seasoned asparagus and the steamed sea bass.

      1. re: ssh

        I noticed this article on D magazine's "Side Dish" blog today....

        1. re: ssh

          sounds good but the menu seems almost too light... Maybe that's just me being redneck about it. Maybe I will have to give it a shot

          1. re: neiladammcginnis

            Eat the hot fresh baked bread, and if you want something not "light," order the filet, the short ribs (or lamb or shrimp if you want a different protein), and the pachnga borek, and get the apple baklava ala mode for dessert. "Light" will be the last word that comes to mind. I ate there Saturday night and had another awesome meal.

            1. re: ssh

              ok well that sounds too heavy. i guess i'm just being difficult. lol. jk. I will check it out soon. I live an a hour south of dallas so give me a month or so to make my way there.