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Jul 19, 2014 07:40 PM

Anniversary dinner recommendations

We'll be celebrating our 4th anniversary in NYC next month and I'm feeling overwhelmed with choices for our anniversary dinner. I'm so out of touch as far as where to go these days, so hoping for some suggestions.

We're staying in Midtown (north) but we don't have to stick to restaurants in that area, necessarily. Love the Village so finding a cute, cozy place there might be nice. We're open to any type of food, though, for whatever reason not interested in sushi for this particular dinner; Italian would be great.

We don't want something terribly "scene-y," but rather a cozy, romantic restaurant with good, solid food. One of my faves when I lived in the area was Bianca, and honestly, we'd go there if we hadn't been before--looking for someplace new. But that vibe is perfect. Really enjoyed Perilla last time we were there. Hopefully this helps to give you a sense of what we're looking for in terms of vibe. Smallish, quiet, cozy, romantic (and obviously must take reservations!).

Also welcome any recommendations for cocktails around 5th & 55th.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Annisa - cozy romantic with wonderful food.

    1. I concur about Annisa. It's wonderful.

      1. For cocktails around 5th and 55th, try the bar at Ma Peche. It's a Momofuku restaurant. They have a happy hour 4:30 – 7 pm daily. Try their 7 Spice Sour with sake, lime, yuzu, togarashi.

        You can also make a reservation for the small, wonderful Lantern's Keep, a short walk away. It's not very big and they may close early if they are quiet, so definitely make a reservation so they will know you are coming. The bartenders there also work at Raines Law Room, Milk & Honey, etc. Saturday night is actually their quiet night; they get a bigger after work crowd. Closed Sundays.

        I also like sitting at the bar at the Lambs Club. It has a beautiful, sleek Art Deco look.

        1. The House

          Get a corner table upstairs and linger away the night.