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Jul 19, 2014 07:25 PM

Pizza Cucina- Post Road-White Plains

Here is another one to add to the ever growing list of Pizza joints in White Plains: Pizza Cucina. Located where the old Triangle Deli was for years at 102 West Post Road, across the street from White Plains Tire/Shell gas station. Pizza cucina is the new pizza/deli off-spring of Ernesto's- Which is still just down the street.

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    1. Ernesto has just moved the pizza/take out part of his operation over there. My understanding is that the original parts of the restaurant will be reconfigured to more easily accommodate big groups with separate rooms, etc.

      1. Stopped there yesterday,when i saw they had a car show out front.The food looked good but i had already eaten at la picara.I brought home a menu and will have to give them a try soon. They had some pre-made sandwiches which also looked good, but if they were the same as what was on the menu,they seem a bit pricey( for the size i saw).Pizza looked good and seemed very reasonable

        1. went back today (monday) had a reg slice- good not exceptional.Also took home a sausage,pepper,onion roll that was excellent. will definitely be back