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Orchid Thai

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We stopped in at Foley's Gourmet Bakery and while I enjoyed a great cheese Danish, I paged through the April edition of Portland Magazine which had a blurb about Orchid Thai and a short rib dish. Loving short ribs we headed out there for lunch. Unfortunately, the short ribs were rated mildly spicy and I have zero tolerance,so we started out with a special appetizer of lettuce leaves with ground chicken, peanut, red bell pepper filling. They served 7 lettuce cups for $10. The cups were delicious and easily satisfied both of us. Avoiding the heat, I ordered the mango fried rice with shrimp and chicken for $10. Again a generous portion that I really enjoyed. The only criticism I can come up with was that the mango could have been a tad sweeter, but I'd order it again without hesitation.

My wife ordered the Beef with Macadamias for $12. Another generous portion served with half inch cubes of steak that were tender and perfectly done. They didn't hold back on the Macadamias either. My wife loved it.

Only later did I find out that they have different prices for lunch and dinner. I can't imagine that the portions could be much larger making lunch a real bargain. I forgot to mention that they also served a small complimentary salad with two different small fried dumplings which was quite nice.

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  1. Just to clarify--Google or Portland Food Map didn't show me a restaurant in Portland called Orchid Thai--but Pom, who owns Pom's Thai Taste on Congress Street in Portland also owns a restaurant called Orchid Thai in Falmouth (along with Thai Pom's in South Portland in the mall area and Thai Taste on Cottage Road in South Portland...)--

    Pom Thai would be a short walk from Foley's, too.

    I like Pom Thai--they also provide delivery through 2dinein.com, which is handy!