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Jul 19, 2014 06:24 PM

Cleveland west side - Westlake, Avon, Bay, etc

Looking for a Friday night place with good food and good drinks/wine. Somewhere 4 of us can have a good meal, a few drinks, and conversation. Anything except Asian, as my brother's not a fan - Italian, contemporary American, Irish pub, etc. Probably not seafood, either, as he lives in south Florida. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Is Lakewood too far?

    If you are willing to go to Gordon Square, which is a little east of the area you listed but still West Side Cleveland, Spice is fantastic. They have their own garden and are very farm-to-table without being pretentious. One of the best bartenders in town.

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      Sounds good, Nancy - thanks! And Lakewood isn't too grandparents used to belong to the Lakewood Country Club.

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        Niki, not sure if you've had your dinner yet, but Lakewood Country Club is actually in Westlake. I second Players (great patio) and Pier W (great view), both in Lakewood.

    2. Had a great meal last month at Stino da Napoli in Rocky River.

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        The menu Is certainly intriguing, thanks!

      2. I told Rob - if you can get to Trentina when you are here, don't miss it! An amazing dining experience - imagine Alinea meets local farm to table!

        1. Players on Madison is a lovely upscale neighborhood place in Lakewood with great value for the money:

          To wow out of town guests with elegant cuisine and lake views go to Pier W:

          1. As it turned out, my brother's plane was delayed and he didn't arrive until around 11 at night on Friday, so no dinner out together. DH and I stopped by Spice for a cocktail and appetizers and they were delicious. We had the sockeye salmon tartar (a special) and the pork and shitake dumplings along with a watermelon cocktail (another special) and a $5 glass of wine during happy hour (4 to 7, I think). I was happy with the by-the-glass selection available.

            Saturday was devoted to mostly family activities, although we stopped by the Bay Diner for breakfast and had very good omelets.

            On Sunday, before we headed for home, we went to Emperor's Palace for dim sum. Excellent! Thanks, Nancy H, for the recommendation I read in another thread on Cleveland dim sum and thanks for the Spice recommendation as well - we enjoyed both!