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Jul 19, 2014 04:03 PM

Tatami Room Little Tokyo 4-6 people

Does this still exist in Little Tokyo ?
Looking for a night out with friends and a shoeless tatami room sounds like a nice idea I simply can't remember any places.
I've been looking at old post and not much luck since post are pretty old.
Musha in S.M is the most recent and and I'd like to stay closer to downtown. I somewhat remember of a place of the 10fwy near Bell but I'm lost for the a name.
Thanks for any ideas.

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    1. I think you meant to say the 710 fwy cause the 10 runs no where near Bell. Theres a place in monterey park on atlantic that has what youre looking for. Its on the west side of the street south of valley

      1. Forgot about Kushi Shabu in Weller Court. 2nd and San Pedro.