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Jul 19, 2014 03:41 PM

Best eats near Laguardia?

5 hr layover, do not want airport food. Can anyone recommend something, good, funky or interesting?

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  1. Take a bus to 74th street Roosevelt Avenue

    1. Take a taxi to Main St., Flushing.

      if you've got a good stomach, i'd say head over to Biang! for noodles and cumin lamb skewers.

      you're better to move this to the Outer Boroughs board, #19.

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      1. re: coasts

        +1 Taxi is pretty inexpensive from LGA to Main Street ($12) and takes about 5 minutes. Also recommend Biang as well.

      2. Go to Flushing. There are a bunch of good places right near the Main St. stop on the subway, which is also the terminus of the Q48. This thread will probably be moved to Outer Boroughs, where it should be.

        1. LGA is surrounded by some of the best ethnic foods in Queens, Flushing for Chinese/Korean, Jackson Heights for Indian, Woodside for Thai, Roosevelt corridor for Mexican.

          1. Its a few minutes( maybe 10) car ride to Astoria, get some Greek food there, maybe at Telly's Taverna or Kyclades