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Jul 19, 2014 03:37 PM

Best dinner near Keller Auditorium

Have theater tickets on Sunday. Love great food but four dollar sign restaurants not really my thing. Thanks!

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  1. Well, I think that other than price point, a very big issue is that it is a Sunday, and especially downtown, lots of places are closed on Sunday.

    I have a few suggestions for you, though.

    Raven & Rose:

    They do a Sunday special of roast/sauce/potatoes and two sides with 3 choices (often pork, fish, prime rib) for $35 per person or they also have a regular menu. Not too far away on SW Broadway & Jefferson.

    My pick would probably be Hot Pot City at 1975 SW 1st Ave. Don't use the bathroom there and don't order anything but the hot pot but the food is cheap and great. Atmosphere is a big zero too. ;o


    Also, Nel Centro, the restaurant at the Modera Hotel (SW Clay & 5th Ave) has pretty good food and is open on Sunday:

    Not at all close to the Keller, but it is a great go to downtown for very good food at great prices (lots of industry folks go there after hours for the food and cocktails) with a good happy hour menu and good wine and beer lists (seriously, this is a good rec to keep in mind if you come downtown a lot)...Cassidy's:

    1. If you were going to go to Raven and Rose or Nel Centro one would be so much better off at Higgins which is right there as well. Sit in the bar order a bowl of one of the soups and one or two apps. You will have great food, great service and be full for not very much money all things considered. It's one of Portland's best restaurants, easily the best downtown spot and while one can go in deep as far as the price of a full meal it is also easy to negotiate your way through on the cheap-ish.

      Cassidy's is a cool under the radar spot that does great later night biz. The food is better than you might expect, the drinks are full throttle and the wine list is okay. A bit of a poor man's VQ in a sense.

      You could also walk down to Luc Loc for noodles and drinks. Not too, too far from the Keller. Maybe a half mile. Cheap and good if you like that food. And hipsters.

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        I think that Luc Lac is closed on Sundays, but Higgins is definitely another good rec.

      2. Mother's would be a good healthy walk from Keller, maybe about 15-20 minutes. They are a pretty good bargain too. My wife and I had drinks, appetizer, and two entrees for under $100.