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Jul 19, 2014 02:20 PM

Best Price for Pork Shoulder?

I have been experimenting with pulled pork lately and am wondering where the best price on pork shoulder is? I noticed that the downtown costco doesnt seem to carry this cut...


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  1. I've got it on sale at IGA Marketplace recently for a decent price.

    1. I don't recall what I paid but Windsor meats on King Edward and Main had a good price on high quality pork - I bought a huge shoulder for a big batch of carnitas some time back.

      1. Supreme Meats located in North Burnaby just over Boundary. They are a wholesaler that's open to the public. I'm sure you can get quality pork shoulder and other meat products for a good price.

        If it's a trek for you to get there you can make it worthwhile by also visiting Bosa foods, Ciofi's and eateries like Glenburn Soda shop, Chez Christopher & Broken Rice in North Burnaby.

        1. I get 'em at Famous Foods. Maybe $5-7/kg IIRC.

          1. Thanks for your suggestions guys!