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Jul 19, 2014 01:10 PM

Paprika Potato Chips?

Anybody in LA sell them? I know Amazon has them for $4 a bag but shipping is prohibitive.

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  1. Many years ago during my wide-eyed innocent traveling days, I recall trying paprika chips somewhere in Europe (The Netherlands or Germany, I think) and was shocked to find that paprika tasted and looked just like what is marketed as BBQ flavor in America. It may well have been the catalyst for my lifetime disdain and mistrust of superficial imagery and advertising.

    Mr Taster

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    1. I know it's NOT paprika, but Whole Foods makes a curry potato chip that is addictive. I know curry and paprika are very different flavors, but maybe that might scratch the itch? Sort of like when I'm craving butterscotch pudding and make do with fat free Greek yogurt and honey :)

        1. I've seen Utz and Herr's potato chips with Old Bay seasoning in several markets. They may come close to just chips with paprika.

          1. Well, Lay's BBQ chips seem to feature some paprika. And you could join (or get your firm to join) Amazon Prime (free shipping).

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              In the U.S., "BBQ" is the "Paprika" to the rest of the world.

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                After some digging, I discovered that I tackled this very topic with other Chowhounds in 2008.


                Mr Taster