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Paprika Potato Chips?

Anybody in LA sell them? I know Amazon has them for $4 a bag but shipping is prohibitive.

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  1. Many years ago during my wide-eyed innocent traveling days, I recall trying paprika chips somewhere in Europe (The Netherlands or Germany, I think) and was shocked to find that paprika tasted and looked just like what is marketed as BBQ flavor in America. It may well have been the catalyst for my lifetime disdain and mistrust of superficial imagery and advertising.

    Mr Taster

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    1. I know it's NOT paprika, but Whole Foods makes a curry potato chip that is addictive. I know curry and paprika are very different flavors, but maybe that might scratch the itch? Sort of like when I'm craving butterscotch pudding and make do with fat free Greek yogurt and honey :)

        1. I've seen Utz and Herr's potato chips with Old Bay seasoning in several markets. They may come close to just chips with paprika.

          1. Well, Lay's BBQ chips seem to feature some paprika. And you could join (or get your firm to join) Amazon Prime (free shipping).

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              In the U.S., "BBQ" is the "Paprika" to the rest of the world.

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                After some digging, I discovered that I tackled this very topic with other Chowhounds in 2008.


                Mr Taster

            2. Make your own. Find/make a good BBQ spice blend and combine with high quality plain potato chips. Let sit for a while then pop into a heated oven to further integrate the spices into the oil in the chips

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              1. The paprika chips we had in Hungary and Poland were much more subtle than US bbq chips. I actually dislike bbq chips but really like the paprika ones.

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                  The paprika I see here is so mild. I am guessing they have hotter grades of paprika available in Hungary and Poland. Also better grades with fuller flavor and put those into the chips you had

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                    I am with you on that. I had paprika chips in Switzerland and they were really good. I also dislike BBQ chips.

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                      My original experience with paprika chips was many, many years ago (think early '90s).

                      It's certainly possible that the junk food flavor formulas have been tweaked over the years, and/or my memory of that original experience has shifted or is no longer accurate.

                      In any case, my main takeaway from that experience (and the point I'm trying to emphasize here) is the power of marketing suggestion.

                      Europe doesn't have a history/culture of American style BBQ, but they do have a helluva lot of paprika powder. What's a multinational junk food conglomerate with a surplus of red flavored powder to do? It already looks a helluva lot like paprika. Maybe it even has some as an ingredient. Europeans are familiar with paprika. So, it's a no-brainer to sell the stuff in Europe as "paprika flavor".

                      If you think about it, "BBQ flavor" really doesn't taste anything like real BBQ. It has elements of smoke and spice, but calling it "BBQ" is really more of a "helpful suggestion" than an accurate description. Would anyone really mistake BBQ "flavor" with the real deal? Of course not.

                      Now apply the same course of analysis to paprika and I think you'll see what I mean. There may even be some *actual smoked paprika* in the BBQ flavor powder. It occurred to me then that calling the red powder chips "paprika" is actually more representative of the truth than calling them "BBQ".

                      Mr Taster

                    2. Try the German stores - Alpine Village Market in Torrance and its sister store in HB. They have Funny-Frisch and this is our favorite and this is a German import. Sometimes they have them at Schreiner's but rarely.

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                        I can second this, but chandavkl mentioned that price was a factor. Funny-Frisch run $4.99/bag.

                      2. Cost Plus World Market sells all sorts of potato chips - they may have them.