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Jul 19, 2014 12:18 PM

Ideas for dessert in a mug??

I have a collection of really cool handmade ceramic mugs I've collected over the years from an artist at the Ann Arbor art fair. I just can't seem to stop snagging a couple of them each year - this year's art show was this week and I swore I wouldn't buy any more mugs, but...

So I never have that many people for coffee (I usually don't serve it after dinner, just don't have any takers), so I'm trying to come up with some ideas for serving desert in them so I can use them & show them off. I couldn't put them in the oven, so whatever it is it needs to be cooked/baked before it goes in.

Ahy ideas, hounds?? Thanks!

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  1. Pretty much anything you can put in a bowl can go in a mug on a smaller scale. Mousse, trifle, pots de cream, panna cotta, tiramusu, shortcake, banana pudding, etc. You can do a meringue or cream pies in a mug by baking off the crust prior to assembling in the mug, fill with your choice of filling, spoon meringue on top then torch it. Same thing if you wanted to do baked Alaska.

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      I was going to say the same thing-pot de cream, puddings, trifles and mousse seem to be a natural.

      How about a version of ice-cream cake? You could layer the mugs with softened ice-cream, caramel or hot fudge and cookie crumbles and then freeze. Top with whipped cream and cherry before serving

      A summer fruit crumble served in a mug would unique. Chow has a slow cooker peach crumble featured. Won't heat the kitchen too much and sounds really good. Blueberries are in season so a nice lemon blueberry crumble would great too.

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        Yep, crumble & crisps, no bake cheesecake topped with fruit (or baked cheesecake, cut out and placed in mug with added toppings) or even peanut butter cup cake mug. Bake off dark chocolate cake, cut to fit mug. Top with peanut butter pastry cream and dollops of peanut butter, followed by another layer of cake. Spoon chocolate ganache over the top layer and allow to set. Garnish w/ whipped cream.

    2. There are a ton of recipes and ideas for dessert in a mug or cake in a cup, etc.( it is very popular) on Pinterest.

      1. thanks! I didn't think of Pinterest, just my good ol' Chowhound :~). And I love the torched meringue idea! I'm headed to Pinterest....

        1. LOL, this just showed up on my feed. Are your mugs microwave safe? <grin>

          1. potted cream... topped with berries
            my recipe is really weird because you use mayo and espresso...