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Jul 19, 2014 11:34 AM

I smoked my first brisket on my PK grill today and....

It seems to be done and quite tender at 7 and a half hours. I smoked it for 5.5 hours then 2 hours in a crutch. It uniformly measures 195 throughout and the piece I cut off the flat end was quite tender. Is this even possible for a 10 lb untrimmed brisket? I know brisket is variable, but wow....

Oh, details - my grill was measuring 225 up to a high of 300 after some additional coals. No mopping, just adding wood every half hour or hour. In the oven with the crutch at 250.

Also, is there any particular advantage of resting it in the cooler instead of a 170 oven?

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  1. Welcome!

    You might want to cross-post this on the BBQ, Smoking & Grilling board:

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    1. Oh YAY! PK grills are awesome!! My grand mother bought my grandfather for his first fathers day and he is still using it...and he bought my step dad one the day he married my mom... That PK will serve you well.