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Jul 19, 2014 11:32 AM

Trying to remember which Greek restaurant I went to...

It had really nice vegetarian dishes and it was on the south side of Danforth. I think it had a nice artichoke dish... I've been through old posts because I think someone told me about it here but I can't find it. I know Mezes has a wide selection but that isn't the place I used to go. Anyone know which one I mean?

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  1. Avli is just a few doors west of Mezes. Is that the restaurant (because I don't think you meant Pantheon).

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      Yes! That does look like it! Thank-you!

    2. I think happycamper is correct.
      Did you order the artichokes and potatoes in a lemon dill cream?
      I hadn't visited the Avli website for a while. They got rid of the music, and simplified the menu selection considerably.