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Jul 19, 2014 09:44 AM

Banquet dinner options--how to choose what to eat?

Got an invitation to a wedding and on the response card is listed 3 different entree choices, all indicated by a symbol, for vegetarian, fish and chicken+cow. I'm not usually a very picky eater but there are quite a few ingredients I don't like that will and one will literally make me gag (bleu cheese). And sometimes, one option might be more interesting than another. I know the parents of the bride so can casually inquire what the menu is, and then will make my choice and send the card back.

But I got to thinking, how would I choose if I couldn't find out the menu? Hounds, what would you do?

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  1. If I was that picky, had food aversions or allergies I would call the venue. They can describe the dishes as the bride/groom will have already decided by the time the wedding invites have gone out.

    1. Fortunately or unfortunately, most wedding food I have had was pretty middle of the road. Blue cheese is one of those items I would expect most caterers to keep off the main course because of dislike. I usually choose the meat only because vegetarian choices tend to be boring (unless bride/groom is a veg) and never trust fish to be fresh and properly cooked. I also never expect good food at a wedding..

      1. I don't usually go to weddings for the food. I'd pick meat because I like meat. Guess if it had bleu cheese I could scrape it off.

        1. I think I would just pick one and be sure to wear my big girl pants to dinner. Everyone involved with the wedding probably has a million other things to deal with without guests who must be sure the menu is to their liking. If you truly find the meal inedible you can always eat a roll and butter while being the epitome of graciousness while you butter the roll. The wedding truly is about the bride and groom, and they have done more than their part by offering 3 choices for guests to choose from.

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            Completely agree. And load up on hors d'oeuvres.

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              Well said. Kind, but direct and on point.

            2. Arrange your day so that the banquet isn't going to be a critical part of your food needs. At just about any meal occasion, where the choices are fixed, there's always the chance that *none* of them will be suitable. Eat what you can of what's provided and if there's something you literally can't abide, just don't eat it. More often than not caterers allow for the possibility of additional arrivals, strange and unforeseen diners, etc. etc. so if what you originally asked for turns out not to be suitable, but something else is, you can usually ask to have your plate replaced with the other choice (unless the banquet has been EXTREMELY tightly planned and budgetted)

              There is, of course, the true no-win scenario, namely, everything on offer has something you can't abide, the hosts will be mortally offended if you don't eat everything, and they will likewise feel snubbed if you decline, however politely, their invitation. However in that situation it's simple: You Lose. Other than that most of the time these things pass over without anyone even taking note at the time. The whole point is that it's not about a meal for you, but a celebration of a major event for the couple.