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Jul 19, 2014 07:26 AM

Do you eat rabbit? How do you cook it?

I live in Piemonte, Italy, and we have a long tradition in cooking rabbit, as rabbit at the time was wild or very easy/cheap to breed.
We have some very delicious recipes like "tuna" rabbit or rabbit in mustard, or rabbit with Taggiasca olives.
As it is an healthy meat, low in fat and high in protein and minerals I'm looking for some new inspiring recipes.
Thanks for any suggestion :-)

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  1. Think I've only eaten rabbit ONE time in my life... was very tasty. Former neighbors worked with a guy who raised chickens (for meat, but mostly eggs) & rabbits. Think she roasted it pretty much like a chicken?? Since very lean and no skin on it, ya might wanna think about something to cover with while roasting... like bacon??

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      Roasted with bacon sounds gorgeous! This let me also think that could be even used some Italian bacon (lardo). Thanks. I'll try these next time!

    2. We love rabbit but don't have the opportunity to eat it very often. Last time I made something similar to this recipe. I can't find the one I actually used but this pretty close. It was VERY good

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        Thanks! It looks like an autumn-winter recipe. I'll store to use in 3-4 months! We in Italy use to side with lentils the zampone (stuffed pigs foot ) it is a very must-to-eat for the New Year's Eve, because lentils bring good luck for the new year. I think they bring luck even when siding rabbit loins ;-)

      2. A restaurant in Williamsburg, Va used to do rabbit braised in a dark liquid, probably beef or rabbit stock, and sauced with a red wine reduction. Quite tasty.

        1. I don't really cook rabbit but will usually order it if I see it on the menu. One of my favourite rabbit dishes I had was in Florence. The rabbit had been cut in two length ways, it was marinated in olive olive and oregano and grilled. best of all the half of rabbit still had the kidney attached.

          1. Fried rabbit in a milk gravy was one of my favorite dishes growing up - I should make it more often. And one of my favorite dishes in the city is the ma la rabbit with peanuts and scallions at Chengdu Heaven in Flushing.