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Jul 19, 2014 06:12 AM

Restaurant near JW Marriott San Antonio?

Hi Chowhounds! We are visiting San Antonio next month and I am seeking a casual restaurant with good local food near the JW Marriott for dinner one evening. We will have our well behaved 4yo with us on the trip.

Any suggestions? Mexican preferred; however, it seems from other posts that finding anything tasty in the area will be hard to accomplish.

Please help!

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  1. La Hacienda de los Barrios would be a good choice, it's 8 miles away, not much near the hotel. Classic SA type tex-mex, mostly outdoor seating, would be great for a 4 yo with two playgrounds.

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    1. re: saeyedoc

      Thanks for the suggestion. It is helpful! I saw that one as an option, but it seems to get horrible reviews on yelp. Should I believe the critics who say it is merely a place for drinks and the playground is the main draw? :( After falling in love with Rosario's downtown, It is hard to settle for average Mexican when San Antonio has so much more to offer.

      any other options? Are we really just trapped out there by the hotel restaurant scene???

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        Went to the original Los Barrios just north of downtown a few years ago and agree, classic Tex-Mex. If you do the puffy tacos get the ground beef over chicken.

      2. Maria Mia's is right there, and there's the Brazilian place, Fogo de Chao, a chain but it's quite good fun.

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          Thanks! I will look at both of these!

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            "...horrible reviews on yelp. Should I believe the critics.." It's a crowdsourcing site populated by self-styled "critics", some good, some bad, some looking to grind an axe. Take with grain of salt. Having been here a long time, I would trust most anything saeyedoc recommends.
            Fogo is in downtown SA. There is Chama Gaucha on 1604/Stone Oak and a new Brazilian steakhouse (Galpao) further up Stone Oak by the Mormon temple (hard to miss) that are closer to JWM.

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                Much appreciate the additional recommendations. Will take a second look at Los barrios as well!