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Jul 18, 2014 11:46 PM

Food Tech on FYI network (formerly BIO)

I mentioned this in a previous post, but this is my current favorite tv food show. Host Bobby Bognar starts with a standard meal, say pancakes and sausage breakfast, and traces darn near every step of its production. It's like Unwrapped but with much less inhouse PR control.

Just finished watching the Chinese Takeout show, which shows how eggroll filling is made (including how bean sprouts are grown on site in the dark), the intricate production of the wrapper, and how they are folded in the end. Peking duck from hatchery to finish, oyster sauce from egg fertilization to oyster farm to concentration, plus how the takeout packs and fortune cookies are made. Oh and soy sauce, dang.

Somehow they cram in a ton of information into an hour show while glossing over very little. You really come through at the end feeling like you understand the process. And the fun part is that Bognar tastes every step that he can, which can go badly as it did when he tasted fresh olives on the pizza show.

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  1. There is also a show called Food Factory on FYI which is not at all the same. Accept no imitations!

    1. Sounds more like an older Gordon Elliott show, Follow That Food, that aired for a few seasons on FN.

      Food Tech was a History Channel show that originally aired in 2010 and only had 10 episodes. You just saw Ep. 2.

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          Yup. Not trying to put a knock on it. Even classic films are new films to a first-time viewer. Enjoy!