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Jul 18, 2014 09:31 PM

McCormick Mapleine Crescent Brand

I have used this product for many years to make syrup for pancakes and waffles. It has literally disappeared from all the grocers shelves.
It is available online from but not
Has anyone ever used it and is still purchasing it on the lower mainland?

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  1. I realize you have your heart set on the McCormick brand (which appears to be avail at Walmart over the border) - have you ever tried the Watkins flavorings? I think they are good

    here's the artificial maple extract:

    avail at Cdn Tire?!

    1. RE: Georgia Strait 1 day ago
      Thanks for the info on Watkins maple extract.
      Will try it and see how it compares with McCormick

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      1. re: bevo

        i like the Watkins Vanilla (clear) artificial extract - sometimes I don't want the beige - brown color that results from using the dark regular vanilla -

        so let me know what you think
        also --- if you don't have a Cdn tire nearby - just google - I found an independent rep in North Van - maybe there is someone near you.

        let me know how it turns out ; )

      2. Mapleine is available at Winco here in Salem, OR. I bought a 2oz bottle of it there yesterday for $3.05, and they had plenty of it on the shelf.

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        1. re: Scuttlemagoon

          Thanks for the info. It is a long way from White Rock, B.C.
          to Salem for my Mapleine when it is pouring buckets like it is
          right now. Good to know it is still available.