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Jul 18, 2014 08:43 PM

richmond vs charlottesville, va

i will be driving back from north carolina to nyc and plan to stop mid way. where is a better city for eating- richmond or charlottesville, va? what restaurants do you recommend?

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  1. It has been a while, but when we lived in C-ville I found the choices pretty slim. A trip to Richmond a couple of summers ago seemed to give me many more choices.

    1. Neither Richmond or Charlottesville is famous for their culinary delights. Of the two, I would say Richmond. The last time I was hungry in Charlottesville, I ended up driving back to Richmond.

      If you give me your criteria, I might be able to make some recommendations

      1. Actually Richmond has quite the reputation as a food centric city for its size.

        What time of day and what route will you be taking and what are you interested in? How many people and what ages will be with you?

        1. 3 adults and 1 child will be with us. I'd like a place that is relatively healthy. it would just be for 1 night.

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            What part of town? That is a big variable. Any type of ethnic cuisine?

            1. re: Janet from Richmond

              We have decided to stay in charlottesville so we are now only interested in food places there. thanks for any suggestions.

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                As I said, for me it has been a while since I was in Charlottesville, so others will have much better, more recent info. But the only place I'd really recommend there is C&O

                1. re: LulusMom

                  Charlottesville has some of the best Italian food anywhere.

                  I highly recommend Tavola as my top choice, one of the best Italian restaurants between DC and Atlanta (and, yes, I've tried a lot of them).

                  Caffe Bocce, just off C'ville's downtown mall, is a close second, and Bella's on West Main is great for families.

                  Also recommend L'Etoile and The Local. But there are many restaurants in Charlottesville, and a number of them are good.

                  Check the usual other resources if the 'hounds have not been vigilant in this area lately.

                  Hi, Lulu'sMom -- we do get out of the Triangle from time to time.

                  1. re: jnwall

                    Hi JNWall, I'm glad you were able to enjoy those places. Bella's had the best bread in town (a seriously weird problem), and when I asked them about it they said it was because they "imported it from New Jersey" (this still makes me giggle a little, sorry).