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Jul 18, 2014 06:15 PM

What would you offer on these Cast Iron frying pans?

At a garage sale tomorrow.


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    1. re: girloftheworld

      Buying. I don't want to offer something ridiculously low but it looks like some need some real cleanup. That is the only picture and info I have, looks like 7 pans.

    2. If they're all as rusty as the top and third pans, they'll need elbow grease. What are the diameters of the smallest and largest, and do you have to buy them as an entire lot? You do not need 6 pans, I assure you. I have an 8" and a 10". Most people like a 12" but as I do not cook more than 2-3 portions of most cast iron foods, I have not felt the need.

      I would not pay more than $5 for a rusty pan. I think I paid $20 total for an old but not rusty 4qt dutch oven, with a lid, and 10" lidded frying pan, also without rust, but that was 45 yrs ago. At a flea market. Check what the range is on eBay.

      If the manufacturer is Griswold, Wagner, etc., you are in vintage collectible category and that's big bucks. But chances are, they are Lodge or unlabeled.

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      1. re: greygarious

        I already own a 10". I was hoping for a 12" and maybe a smaller one. But I have no idea what the sizes are until tomorrow when I go there. No idea on the brands either. I just don't want to insult the people. I can buy all or individually.

        1. re: Jerseygirl111

          If you're doing any serious bread making, you might want that smallest pan to use for steam (tossing ice into the hot pan). As others have said, I wouldn't pay a lot for a rusty pan. Not more than a third of what you would pay for new - much less if they'll take it.

      2. If the others are in the shape of the top one, I'd probably offer $1 to $5 per. But I'm no pro.

        1. I'd start @ $20 for the lot & haggle it out from there.

          1. if they are unmarked they have value to re-enacters if you want to take the time to resell them if you get them at a good enough price.. .. you can grind them out pretty easy then reseason them. dont go more than 60 for the lot