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Jul 18, 2014 05:21 PM

Jerry's Rainbow

E Lake St. 2nd visit. What a huge disappointment. Bruised, carelessly arranged produce. Steaks cut either paper thin or too thick to cook. High prices. Unappealing signage. Clueless staff. But worst of all, just a bad feeling. A vacuous food desert with no culture and no one seemingly in charge. Say what you will about Roundy's, but at least they established a bona fide niche. Not sure what Jerry's was thinking by expanding from three stores to nine - and quickly turning these around over a long weekend - but it isn't working. I sincerely wish them success and would love to be a returning customer. But for now I'll have to shop elsewhere and hope they can pull it together.

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  1. Unfortunately I'm with you ChancesR.
    Two visits in and I'm not feeling like going a third time, produce left much to be desired. First visit was a cavernous experience, thinking there was a remodel and a restocking of material, which didn't happen...Longfellow Market will fill better fill the niche (fingers crossed).

    1. The one in Richfield seemed to essentially remain a Rainbow, and it was like a cleaned-up version of the old Rainbow with the same prices. I only went last Sunday so I'll see what may have changed in the first week of ownership. At least I liked that it was no longer a run-down store and the prices didn't change.

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        I've stopped at the Richfield store a few times now, and every time it seems a little bit worse for products, and not very busy. The selection of meat seems sporadic, they may or may not have the item you want. A lot of products that Rainbow used to have, they now don't have. It has been significantly cleaner since Jerry's took it over.

        For me, they used to have unsalted pork shoulder, and I don't see that anymore. Now they just have the crap from Hormel that has a "flavoring solution" in it.

        1. re: galewskj

          Finding a good deal on non-brined pork shoulder is becoming a challenge in the metro.

      2. Jerry's is selling the two Rainbows they bought, including East Lake:

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        1. re: MplsM ary

          What a shame. If only they had put a little enthusiasm and vision into it, it might just have worked. Rainbow used to have good quality meat - strip steaks, beef tenderloin, as well as good veal and lamb. When Jerry's took it over, this all went down hill. I've been shopping at Cub recently and while the produce is fine, the meat is nowhere near as good as the old Roundy's Rainbow.

          1. re: MplsM ary

            Is East Lake the one by Cub and Target, close to Hiawatha and Minnehaha? (Sorry for my ignorance; I am learning Minneapolis late in life!)

            1. re: soccermom13

              Yes, you've got it right. Hope the building soon finds a viable use.

            2. re: MplsM ary

              Just returned from the East Lake Rainbow. Sure is feeling like a ghost town in there. Talked with a couple of employees who said November 9 will be the last day.

            3. Sad but true about the meat departments. Nothing looks appealing in the Richfield Rainbow meat department anymore. I've never liked the meat department at the Cub in Bloomington near 494 & Lyndale. Luckily there is a Von Hansons in Richfield and they blow away most meat departments. I just have to buy my meats at a second store.

              1. So the question becomes where to get good quality meat without paying Whole Foods prices. Kowalski's?

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                1. re: ChancesR

                  Not to be trite, but a butcher, perhaps? In south Minneapolis Everett's is totally solid. For a venture to Northeast, Ready Meats is the most full service. My favorite of all is Hackenmueller's in Robbinsdale. If you are confined to Uptown, I don't have much for you.

                  Many on this board rave about Clancy's, but I can't accept the astronomical prices, and their bacon disappoints me (again due in part to the price. For $13 per pound, I expect magic. If it was $7 a pound, I would view it far more favorably).

                  1. re: KyleThomas

                    Everett's - good idea. Thanks. I've never been in there. Does anyone have experience with the meat at Longfellow Market?

                    1. re: ChancesR

                      I used to work there; go directly past the deli counter (seriously, the hot food bar and the deli salads are abominable) and head directly to meat. Top quality at very good prices. They smoke all their own meats too. Terry is the meat manager; if they don't have it he'll get it for you. I live right by Everett's and feel Longfellow is much superior, but they have less to choose from.

                  2. re: ChancesR

                    The Wedge co-op has a very good meat counter.

                    1. re: ChancesR

                      I love Seward Coop. Great meat counter, and always a fun variety.

                      The Wedge is reliably awesome too.

                      1. re: ChancesR

                        This is a good question, because for me, Rainbow was where I went for good but inexpensive meat. Now that is gone, I'm stuck with buying something at Byerly's if it is on sale. Von Hanson is slightly higher prices, but not terrible, and I think their quality is very good. Now, I kind of understand why my mom buys pounds of meat at a time when it's on sale.