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Jul 18, 2014 02:12 PM

Pleasurable Candy and Chocolate Shopping

The kids and I are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Candy is a rare experience in our household so we are going on special sampling expeditions. Any suggestions for non-crappy candy and chocolate options that are also an enjoyable experience. I'd like good smells and perhaps eye-popping displays.

Dylans Candy Bar might be the obvious choice but that doesn't make the grade. Most the candy sold there is pedestrian with really low quality ingredients and additives. I am considering Socker Brite on Third which is supposed to be mostly natural but would consider other options if available.

What about for chocolate?

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  1. Best English Toffee anywhere is made fresh daily at Littlejohn's Candies in the Original Farmers Market. Great selection of other candies too.
    6333 W 3rd Street Stall 432
    Los Angeles, California 90036

    1. Try socerbit the Swedish spot next to carmela on 3d. Great variety. All natural. Free sample box. Catty corner from farmers market and littlejohns. Lots of bins and great variety.

      1. There's a Ghiradelli next to El Capitan on Hollywood Blvd.

        1. Ever go to sees on la cienega ?

          1. Compartes has a beautiful selection of fine chocolates. Very expensive

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              Compartes is my absolute favorite. For those east of the 405, I understand an outpost is going in at Alfred's coffee on Melrose Place.