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Jul 18, 2014 01:59 PM

Tucson - Proper and Diablo Burger

Two much hyped food Additions from Flagstaff have recently opened in Tucson. We went to each of them a week apart.

Diablo Burger offers grass fed, no hormones beef. Served on house-made english muffin buns and fries. Our group of four found the burgers to be prepared as requested but the taste was Meh. It's a small, fairly stark, room. Service was fine but those that had glasses of wine noted that the pour size varied greatly. We did not found a reason for returning.

The following week had us at Proper for lunch. When we walked in we started getting good vibes - attractive room, tables and booths, large windows. Nice!

I had the Gatsby. I don't like Blue Cheese at all, and it was no problem to omit it. A good sized lunch, too much for me. I brought 1/2 sandwich home but - oink oink - I did scarf down the frites. My wife had Pork Belly Sliders. Thumbs up!

Dessert - Chili & Chocolate Ganache Tart. A very nice hit of dark chocolate and a zing of chili. We will definitely order this again.

Service - Impeccable and calm.

Music - lively but not loud.

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  1. Not surprised about Diablo Burger. $14 is a lot for mediocrity. Much better expensive burgers at Zinburger on the north side.