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Vacation Spot in October

My wife and I want to go on a long weekend in October to a place with good food and things to do but Napa is too far and Chicago and NYC we have done too much. I have been to RTP many times and tons of great food there but not much to do for a long weekend. I know you have to have some places.

Thank you for your recomendations.

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  1. Charleston? New Orleans? Or are you specifically looking for stuff to do/places to eat in the Triangle?

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      Nope, I have been to the Triangle and know there isn't much to do. I am looking for this other places that have the food but have things to do. Charleston was on my list but didn't think of New Orleans.

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        You could do Savannah mixed with Charleston - we've done that before and driven the back-roads between.

      2. Much depends on what you like to do...

        Asheville has great food and drink. If you have interest in fine craft (Southern Highlands has a fall show), mountain biking, hiking, people watching, Biltmore House then you can stay as busy as you like. Fall in the mountains is high season and accommodations fill up fast.

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          Charleston or Asheville gets my vote. Or NOLA

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            I agree with Asheville or Charleston for places that this forum covers. And NOLA is great, too.

            Living in Charlotte, Asheville and Charleston are my go-to's for long weekend getaways.

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            I just returned from a few days in the Asheville area and it was wonderful. GREAT restaurants, beautiful mountains, unlimited opportunities for outdoor adventures, and some of the nicest people you'll meet anywhere. Fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains would be spectacular.

          3. I think there's enough "to do for a long weekend" but that's just my humble opinion. Here's an old thread combining food and activities around the triangle. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/817613

            October is the tail end of hurricane season and is leaf peeping time so factor that into your decision. Others have made great suggestions to which I'll add DC and Miami/Lauderdale.

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              DC in the fall is beautiful, and there are plenty of great places to eat.

              1. Pamper yourself at the Cloister. Just e sure not to come Ga/Fla week. 5 star accommodations. dining & golf.

                1. Philadelphia. Very underrated. They pretty much have as much, if not equal or better, variety of food as NYC. Soul food, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Philadelphia Italian, etc. The Marriott Courtyard is a pretty nice hotel. I'm a fan of Hilton and The Omni as well. If you decide to go, try and rent a car. Philly is big, but the hidden gems abound. As do they across the Ben Franklin bridge in Cherry Hill, NJ around Rts 30 & 130.

                  And if not Philly there's always Quebec City. You definitely can't go wrong with that.

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                      Philly is highly underrated, especially the food scene. Wow, I did a food trip there back in April and I had my mind blown several times. Zahav, Serpico and that pork sandwich with broccoli raab at DiNic's to name a few spots.

                      But I agree with other posters that Charleston would be a great getaway, Asheville (but you'll have to do some driving to get there from the airport) and NOLA has never once disappointed me in the food or fun categories.

                    2. I vote for Ashville. Great food scene and tons to do including beautiful scenic drives along the Blue Ridge Parway. I agree with a previous poster that it might be too late to get the best accommodations as it is the high season in October. If you are familiar with the Triangle areas food scene, but just need some recommendations on what to do, this forum isn't the place. At the risk of being deleted, I'd say NC Museum of Art, Duke Gardens, Hiking at Umstead Park or Eno River to name a few.

                      1. I recommend DC or Charlotte. Or Austin, TX. One reason I like DC is that you can park a car and use public transport freely, there are lots of museums and activities and we have always found food we enjoy.

                        Is there a travel/distance limitation? I think every state has interesting and unusual foods to offer and you could certainly make an itinerary for something like Kansas City BBQ or Portland food Trucks or Maine seafood.

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                          Portland OR has an amazing food scene.

                        2. Also, I forgot to mention that there are a lot of food and wine festivals in October. After a cursory search, I noted the following:

                          NY City Wine and Food Festival sponsored by Food Network and Food and Wine: October 16-19

                          The Martha's Vineyard Food and Wine festival: October 16-19

                          Fredericksburg Food and Wine Fest in Fredericksburg, TX

                          Taste of Atlanta starting October 24

                          My advice is to explore on your own an area you might enjoy. Take a meandering drive through an area you want to get to know. For instance, don't go to New Orleans, drive around Louisiana and see some things and learn what is Cajun and what is Creole. Louisiana tourism has 7 culinary trails mapped out. Make it a road trip.