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Hi everyone! I came across a recipe that calls for just "gluten". With so much gluten-free stuff these days, my search for gluten on amazon came up with way too many results and I can't find just gluten.

Any tips on what brand or product name I should look for to find "just" gluten?

(I'm not hating on gluten free stuff! please don't take it that way. My brother is celiac so I really really appreciate all the gluten free foods on the market these days!)

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  1. <I came across a recipe that calls for just "gluten">

    Some kind of Chinese/Japanese cuisines? Gluten is a pretty important ingredient in many sub-Chinese cuisines.

    <Any tips on what brand or product name I should look for to find "just" gluten?>

    Can you tell us exactly what you want to use the gluten for? Then, it may help us to find the correct products.


      1. If it's a Chinese recipe, it's probably canned wheat gluten. If it's a bread recipe, it's vital wheat gluten, which is available at many supermarkets.

        1. Another option it could be is seitan- made from vital wheat gluten to form a faux meat kind of neutral flavored product.

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                Thanks everyone! It's for bread. Where would I find it in the supermarket?

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                  In that case, you are look for wheat gluten flour like the one c oliver showed you. You should able to find the wheat gluten flour next to other lesser used flour like next to flaxseed mill, almond flour, soy flour and rice flour....etc, like this photo:


                  Not every supermarket carries these, but many do. For example, Shoprite carries it:


                  Kroger carries it:


                  Many stores may even carries these special flour in dispensers, like these:


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                    I found it at Safeway in the area you describe.

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                    If your store has a Bob's Red Mill section, it's there.

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                      Thanks everyone! I'll check my supermarkets soon!