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Jul 18, 2014 12:57 PM

What is your favorite bakery in or around Manchester?

I recently moved to Manchester and haven't yet found my new "go to" shop for pastries, cakes, breads...and I am hoping to find an Italian bakery. I used to work in Woburn, MA and my favorite place was Roma's. They have the most amazing desserts and deli and now I need a replacement, help me please!

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  1. I also moved up here from Woburn!! I love Roma's scali bread.

    I like Dutch Epicure in Amherst. Black Forest Bakery is good as well. I don't venture to Manchester much so I don't know what is up that way. But I haven't found a Roma's here yet.

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      I suppose nothing can replace Roma's, but I'm searching. I have never been to Epicure of Black Forest before, but I am in the area periodically so maybe I'll give them a try sometime. Thanks for the recommendation!

    2. Finesse Patisserie on Elm Street is very good, though more French than Italian. Campo Enoteca sells whole loaves of their rustic Italian bread, which is unbeatable.

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        Thank you for the recommendations! I took a look at Campo Enoteca's menu and the SO and I are going to head there for dinner on Friday night! It sounds amazing! How is Finesse compared to Frederick's or Jacques (if you have been to either)? I love that Finesse has bread. Thanks again for the suggestions!

      2. We just lost a true jem a few weeks ago-IMHO Lee's Cake and Pastry on Hanover Street had the best cookies, pastries, etc. in the city at a great price.

        Bakeshop on Kelly Street (Manchester"s West Side) is truly exceptional however and I would strongly recommend them. I second Finesse as having great classic french desserts & Dancing Lion across the street from them has some croissants that I hear are out of this world. (both on Elm St.)

        For a straight-up Greek bakery (I mean you have moved to Manchester after all) Kay's Bakery is no frills done right. (434 Lake Ave.)

        1. There are quite a few! Kay's Bakery and Lee's Cake & Pastry are both classic to Manchester. There's also Michelle's, The Bakeshop on Kelley St., and then Elm St. has a few others including Baked, Finesse, Queen City Cupcakes, and coffee shops that also sell baked goods.

          It's worth checking out the local farmers markets, because many vendors go there as well (Manchester, Derry, and Bedford all are close-by markets that I know have baked goods)

          If you're able to make the trip up to Concord, Bread and Chocolate is the best.

          1. + 1 more for Finesse Patisserie

            Most Saturdays Im there when they open, great Croissants, french stick, is hot and gets devoured when I get home, fantastic selection of fresh treats