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  1. OMG. The horror...

    It begins badly enough: "In preparation for the depravity to come, I fast the night before, eating a only light meal of a bacon cheeseburger, four chicken McNuggets, and a small fries at midnight."

    And ends head-first over the porcelain throne. Written so I can feel her pain (and nearly smell the offending food.) Half-way through the article, I wondered if I could do it, IF instead of those sticks, I had the Green Beans instead. A little while later, realization sets in: there are so many flaws in mid-range restaurant food that would be magnified with each passing plate, not even the beans would get me through such an ordeal.

    Last thoughts: did she eat *at all* the next day? Or was she just mainlining water to flush her system of sodium? Will she *ever* eat another mozzarella stick in her life? Would love to see a "week-after" piece, but doubt it is forthcoming.

    Interesting sidebar piece:

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      The Garlic & Basil Bruschetta might be the best choice for an ordeal like this - 350 calories, 33 g carb, 900 mg sodium, 21 g fat (compared to 900 calories, 60 g carb, 1720 mg sodium, 65 g fat for the crispy green beans). Though I'm not sure how the bruschetta has less carbs than the beans, because bruschetta necessarily has the bread (since the name refers to the toasted bread rather than to the toppings).

    2. Actually, there is already a fairly lengthy discussion on this over on the Food Media Board,

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        Since there is an existing thread on this topic, as Masha pointed out, we're going to lock this one to keep the conversation in one spot.