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Where to find an inspired slice of pie?

I read a wonderful mouthwatering article in the NY Times last week about pie in Memphis ("Sampling Sweet Slices of Memphis Pie"). A restaurant owner was quoted: "The state of pie in Memphis is alive and well — you just have to know where to look...our program is all about paying homage to our grandmothers, and the best pies in the city are from people who bake like that.”

What is the state of pie in Philadelphia? Are there bakers who are using grandma's recipe, or drawing inspiration from classic recipes? Where should I be looking for a slice of pie with a story behind it?

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  1. Magpie on South Street (and 16th) or the PA dutch at the RTM come to mind

    1. Not exactly sure what constitutes an "inspired" slice, but maybe one of places has what you're looking for.


      1. The Bakery House in Bryn Mawr

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          Arepo what flavors/pies do you recommend there?

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            Their apple pie is deadly and of course at Thanksgiving and Christmas their pumpkin is also always a huge favorite.

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            We had a peach pie from The Bakery House a few days ago. The filling was just right--fresh tasting and not overly sweet. The crust, however, was nothing special.

          3. I got some apple pie with crumb topping at http://jessesbarbecue.com/ last fall that was just like homemade apple pies from my childhood. Maybe it was the apples from their own farm or that the pie wasn't too sweet so the tartness of the apples came through but eating that pie felt like an ambush in a good way.
            The next time I went I bought some of the apples and was inspired to make my own pie. Best pie I ever made.Can't wait til the apples reappear this fall.
            They are closed til tues but they understand pie. For example the slices of the peach in the peach pie are succulent and have some resistance to them when you bite into them. Not a trace of mushiness. I never expected to find great pie at a barbecue place. Come on tuesday!

            1. Powelton Village has a pie contest at our Fourth of July celebration. There's always next year...

              1. The Ultimate Bake Shop, in both the Ardmore and Wayne farmer's markets, has excellent pies. We got their apple and peach pies for the 4th of July and they were wonderful, with flaky pastry and delicious, non-gloppy (which I find is an issue with Amish pies at the same markets) fillings.

                1. Metropolitan Bakery has an excellent blueberry pie, as well as an outstanding strawberry rhubarb pie (may be too late in the season for that one). Flying Monkey used to do a "pumpple" - a pumpkin pie and an apple pie baked into a cake. If you're willing to go to NJ, the Pie Lady in Moorestown has outstanding pies of all varieties. We love her pecan, and her blueberry is great, too.

                  1. well, it's out in the burbs (bucks county)
                    Last year we got a peach pie that made my eyes roll back in my head

                    the problem is... it was from one of the orchards, I don't think they USUALLY carry pies and I can't remember if it was

                    Solebury Orchards

                    or my FAVORITE place ever for peaches (but has limited hours



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                      CGarner, your post reminded me that Griggstown Quail Farm (near Princeton, but at the headhouse market and others) has some very good fruit pies as well!