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Jul 17, 2014 09:14 PM

Fresh Clams/Oysters?

Hi. Looking for really great clams or oysters on the half shell near Newport Beach, or up to about an hour's drive north of there. Doesn't need to be fancy....just "the bomb" for that kind of stuff : )

Also...any "not to be missed" places in/around Newport (again, up to an hour north or south). Not overly expensive, but good atmosphere/interesting food? We're pretty familiar w/the area, but haven't been since last September. Thanks!!

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  1. Redondo Beach pier. Across from the arcade owned by the registered sex offender. Its more like a market than a restaurant but they have an extensive selection of live oysters and some clams

    1. Taco Maria. 52 dollar tasting menu. Interesting food. Good atmosphere.