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Jul 17, 2014 08:35 PM

1st time in Paris!!


My boyfriend and I will be in Paris August 9th-17th. This will be my first time going which I'm beyond excited about! I definitely plan on doing all of the tourist-sty things (no shame)...the Eiffiel, Louvre, Versailles, etc. However, I did want to venture to cafe's, restaurants, boutiques, night clubs, and of course have plenty of wine. Suggestions please! We will be staying in the 9th District.
I do realize it's August, vacation season for most locals, but any and all tips would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Such a broad request that it's very difficult to answer on a food site. So give us a few more leads... Where exactly in the 9th ? Kind of restaurant/ food you like ? Budget ? Your style and age ?

    1. "cafe's, restaurants, boutiques, night clubs, and of course have plenty of wine"
      In the 9th ? You're in luck. Rue des Martyrs and all around are your answer.
      This is a recent report on the street and the restaurants nearby:
      You can find other mentions on rue des Martyrs using the search function.

      Le Divan du Monde and le Cigale, technicallly in the 18th, but very near the 9th, are 2 of the top music venues in Paris.

      As for August closings, that's another matter. Make your shortlist then see the August closings on Paris-by-mouth site as well as the following thread on the board's faves' August closures.

      1. And as a first-time visitor you should know that you can get practically anywhere using public transportation in not much time so don't limit yourself to the 9th although I like Parigi think it's a nifty area.
        I'll put in a plug now even before you do your research as to their closing dates in August for Les Saisons, the Cantine de la Cigale, BAT, Bon Georges, L'Office and Neva Cuisine - all in or just outside the 9th.

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        1. I just booked an August table at Pramil after a rave rec from a trusted Hound.

          1. Not knowing your tastes, here are some suggestions: Not too far away, in the 11th, I would recommend Chez Imogene for crepes/galettes, on Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, though I don't know its August schedule.


            I would also suggest going to the Printemps department store(s), in the 9th, if you want a more casual meal nearby. I like The Brasserie Printemps food the best, but there's also a less expensive rooftop cafe, Le Déli-cieux, which has really great views of Paris. There are several restaurants there, in all price ranges.


            The trip report Parigi linked might help you as the suggestions for food shops in the area sound good. As far as a restaurant goes, I agree Candelaria, which serves quite good Mexican food, has a good atmosphere and it has an excellent cocktail bar in the back. And the jams (and caramel sauces) at La Chambre Aux Confitures in the 9th are something you might want to bring home. They let you taste samples in the store.


            For cafes, there's a list that just started if you scroll down a bit on the main page. You might Google a few of those and see if they interest you.

            For boutiques and nightclubs (which I think may be out of Chowhound's area), I would suggest you look at the new Time Out Paris book that came out in June, or the site. IMO it's one of the better Paris guidebook series. (A few blocks down from Chez Imogene is L' Alimentation Générale, for example, which I like a lot, but it's more of a bar/ DJ dancing place, so not CH.


            There's a new Rough Guide to Paris out, too. I don't have that one yet but always liked it in the past as another one of the better Paris guidebooks.