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Jul 17, 2014 07:44 PM

Acquarello Venice

This is the restaurant in the St Regis San Clemente Palace hotel, which has recently reopened. May be too soon to have reviews, but thought I'd see if anyone has experienced it yet, and what you thought of it.

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  1. Havent seen any reports anywhere yet. LIttle info available. but their menu is up

    here's a promo piece on the chef seems like international fusion type techniques applied to local foods is intended

    1. I have never eaten at the restaurant at the San Clemente Palace. When we are in Venice, we would make use of their free shuttle to enjoy the hotel grounds and get away from the crowds in Venice. The hotel itself is a refurnished monastery and it has a cold institutional feel. Big, imposing with high ceiling and long corridors, it lacks warm of any kind. Whenever we there in April/May or October, it is mostly deserted. I think it caters mostly to business and wealthy tour groups. Unlike the much closer to Venice Cipriani, which is always busy because it has views of Venice. The San Clemente is very remote with very little connection to Venice and I can't imagine any refurbishing can make it less so. If I am staying there, I might consider eating there.

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        We are using Starwood points to stay in September, wouldn't ever spend the money they're asking but for points we decided to take the chance. I will of course let you all know how it was!

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          Nothing wrong with staying at the San Clemente Palace with point or otherwise. Some love the solitude. If you do dine at the restaurant, please do let us know how is. Thanks.

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            Just to let you know we decided to cash in a few more points and stay at Gritti Palace instead, so we are unlikely to dine at Acquarello after all. We may take a ride out just to see the grounds however.

            And the place at Gritti doesn't look like a "must" meal so I suspect we won't eat there either. I am, however, giving serious thought to trying a half day cooking class with their executive chef, I think I read someplace that the cost is not outrageous.

            Thanks again for reading my post!