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Deformed tomato plant leaves?

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I initially planted 7 tomato plants in May. One plant started off well, but now the upper leaves are coming in deformed. I had a plant last year close to that corner of the garden, but not exactly in that spot that had similar symptoms and it ended up looking so sickly, I just pulled it out. This plant, is a Purple Brandywine, and is actually quite lush and growing well with the exception of the upper sections. The closest images I can find online is herbicide damage or cucumber mosaic virus, both of which seem unlikely to me. Any ideas?

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  1. I am far from expert - bugs, blight, water stress etc can all have such similar symptoms. It does not look like mosiac though , herbicide damage or some sort of bug munching would be my guesses but maybe a site like gardenweb or another garden site with experts (or a local nursery) could help.

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        Well, they looked fine when I planted it. It's still growing and looks okay otherwise, so I'm not going to pull it out. I clipped off some of the leaves and took it to a local garden store and the consensus there was herbicide damage.

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          How did the roots of the plant you pulled out last year look?

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            Honestly, I don't recall. But I think I would have noticed if they looked particularly unusual. Do you have some thoughts on what it could be?

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              Nematodes can wreak havoc on tomato plants. Above ground, the first sign is usually deformed and withering leaves, which start to yellow as the plant dies a slow death. The roots of the plant get all gingery (that is, thick) and knotted. There's no fix if your plant is afflicted. Just yank it out and put something else there - peas of beans, for instance - for the next couple of years.