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What do I do with bananas?

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I just cut down a stalk of bananas that must weigh in at 40 pounds. These are the eating bananas, not plantains or plantano machos.
Great to eat but even after giving away a third I still have lots to deal with. What can be done with this many bananas?

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  1. I've bought a 40 lb case before. Slice and freeze. Put in a blender for banana smoothies anytime.

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      They also make great banana bread from the frozen state. The peels will be an ugly black, and the fruit will seem mighty mushy, but it still works great.

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        Be sure to label them clearly if you freeze them whole, you're bound to frighten somebody otherwise while they're looking through your freezer

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          Nah, just tell the busybodies you've developed a new black banana.

          Actually, since I don't allow anyone but me in the kitchen (including Mr. P. most of the time), it would be a non-issue here.

    2. Stock the freezer with banana bread. Or let ripen, peel, and freeze to make banana bread later.

      Aren't there some Caribbean banana-based hot sauces and chutney-type condiments? Could be fun to explore.

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        Some very good banana chutneys. I like this one for apple & banana chutney:

        4lb apples
        12 bananas
        1lb onion
        0.5lb raisins
        1 tablespoon salt
        1 teaspoon each - ground ginger, cinnamon, dry mustard
        1 tablespoon curry powder
        2 pints brown malt vinegar
        1lb white sugar

        Peel, core and finely chop the apples. Finely chop the onions. Roughly chop the bananas. Put these in the preserving pan with the raisins, salt & spices. Add half the vinegar and simmer for 30 minutes. Then add the sugar and remaining vinegar. Simmer till thick - yields about 10 pounds. It'll easily last for 3 or 3 years - and no need to fridge it, even when opened.

        Apologies to folk more used to metric ingredients. This comes from a book published in 1973 before we really took on metric measures for cooking.

        Also a favourite easy dessert we call "spluttered bananas". Halve the bananas lengthways and fry in butter till soft. Sprinkle with soft brown sugar and lemon juice (at which point, it will spit and splutter - hence our name). A little rum or brandy could also be added and flambeed but most times we don't. Stir in some cream or serve with ice cream.

      2. I made a southern banana pudding a couple of days ago; a store I frequent on a regular basis had ripe bananas for .19 cents/lb and I couldn't pass it up so I grabbed a box of vanilla wafers and made some pastry cream. I have a couple bananas left so tomorrow, a banana walnut bread will be made so I can use for bread pudding at a later date.

        Other suggestions: banana ice cream or sorbet or a banana salsa (a former member of chowhound used to make this). You can always use in a smoothie, add to pancake, waffles or stuffed french toast or top some grilled pork (chops or tenderloin) with bruleed banana & rum sauce

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          Do you have the recipe/link for banana salsa? Sounds very interesting!

          Banana bread
          Bananas Foster over vanilla ice cream

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              Interesting. i would tweek it since the bell peppers are for color mostly....and add more habenero.

        2. Freeze them to use later in baked goods and smoothies. You can freeze them in their peel -- the peel will darken but the fruit will be fine.
          Make banana bread/muffins.

          1. Make a bunch of banana soft serve (best with very ripe bananas) and flavor different batches different ways adding in peanut butter, or berries, or chocolate etc

            The ATK banana bread uses an impressive six bananas per loaf, this blog recapped the recipe:

            And Chiquita's website has some, how shall i say......creative? recipes... Banana vegetarian casserole..??

            1. You can "stretch" or lighten mayonnaise by adding 2:1 mayo to banana in many recipes. Mash together and refrigerate for at least 30 min.s before using as an ingredient.

              1. I assume you know that pureed banana, frozen, makes a good faux ice cream. It does have some crystals, but not bad. Add some form of dairy, like sweetened condensed milk, or yogurt, to make it genuinely creamy. Melted chocolate overpowers the banana enough that you taste mostly chocolate.

                1. Bake them! in a little OJ, butter and a tad of sugar on top. My kids could go thru a whole casserole pan of them. You can put them under the broiler at the end just to brown the tops.
                  Or nuke them with the same ingredients. Oh so good.

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                    I do like them like that but with cream on top after cooking.

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                      I shall try that. Love, Love, Love Bananas, Thanks geno0

                  2. Hi, geno:

                    I slice and dehydrate many leftover bananas. Excellent in granolas and trail mix "Gorp".


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                      good idea! I need to make a dehydrator, I will have to do some research.

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                        I don't own a dehydrator yet i've made a number of dehydrated fruits and veggies in the oven- thin slices on metal wire rack (like for cooling cookies) ontop of a sheet tray so the air can circulate, then just at 175 for hours...check and flip after 3-4 hrs. Takes a good long while but works without having to buy another appliance...

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                          Agreed. I've oven-dried fruits, vegetables, meats (for jerky), and even bean soup. When we hiked the Appalachian Trail, most of our meals were from oven-dried "real" food, not that packaged dehydrated stuff.

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                        Banana chips are totally underrated.

                      3. You can use mashed banana as a substitute for some of the oil in baking recipes.

                        1. Slice and fry in butter or oil; top with a sprinkle of salt and, if you must, syrup. Or use as a topping for ice cream.

                          1. My sister usually does holiday baskets full of yummy "breads"... banana, zucchini, sweet +/or savory. She will buy a BIG bag of them from discount rack. They're never perfectly yellow, but then wouldn't be really ready to eat in that state. She lets them get soft-ish, whirs them up in food processor, MEASURES into portions to go with her recipes, and freezes... either flat in zip bags or freezer containers. I seem to recall that you can freeze in peels... once thawed will be VERY soft/mushy even... perfect for adding to a bread recipe.

                            1. If you are familiar with jam making, banana jamis a lotbetterthan it sounds. Quite delicious.

                              1. I like them fried in oil, with hot peppers, and some main ingredient, such as sausage, or ground meat, only using them as a partial ingredient.

                                It is the only way I eat them. They are annoying as a fruit.

                                1. Here's a banana jam recipe http://www.food.com/recipe/jamaica-ba... that I've always intended to make, but never have.