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Jul 17, 2014 03:30 PM

Great lunch at Soleil

Terrific pre birthday lunch today - sand dabs out of this world with butter sauce plus vegs and salad with a light tangy dressing. Mme Zoe had a REAL Salad Nicoise with all the right stuff, potatoes, green beans, egg and plenty tuna on a big plate with a leafy lettuce base. Friend had a quiche lorraine, big slice with a huge heap of french fries and salad.
Complimentary dessert bar - nougat and chocolate house made.
Now the damages: in this era where a simple sandwich with skimpy filling is close to $10 or more - here the prices are $13.95 for a huge plate of fish, same for salade nicoise.
Happy birthday week to me!
Soleil's room is quiet, airy soft frenchy music - attentive staff and a very present owner who greets everyone.

Westwood Blvd south of Wilshire next to 7-11
Parking not so great but possible.

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  1. Embarrassed to say this is right in my neighborhood and I've never been there.

    I didn't see the quiche on the menu. Was it a daily special? How much $?

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    1. re: nosh

      Their poutine is pretty close to authentic.

      1. re: nosh

        $13.95 - good size slice with nice salad and a HEAP of fries which we all shared because it was such a big portion

        1. re: ZoeZara

          OK. That is really expensive for a slice of quiche -- Bouchon territory. Even with salad and fries that makes an expensive lunch for me.

          Best quiche I've had consistently over more than a decade is at Amandine, under $6 with no salad, a couple bucks more with.

          1. re: nosh

            I thought the quiche was a bit high but the sand dabs and salade nicoise were good value and good eats. Will try Amandine soon - I miss the Bicycle Club which was almost next door for their quiche.

      2. I love san dabs and will have to try Soliel. You make it sound pretty good. I noticed this place the other day. Prices seem fair.

        1. I've been a few times, Soleil is the kind of neighborhood restaurant, the supposed lack thereof started a thread a few weeks ago. Excellent french bistro classics for a great price and attentive service. If I lived in the area I'd go a lot.