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Jul 17, 2014 03:08 PM

ISo great bakery for bday cake - Bronx, Westchester or Manhattan

I'm looking for a rec for a truly yummy bakery that does nice-looking pareve birthday cakes. Thanks!

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  1. this was just discussed a few months ago; I suggest you search "parve birthday cakes" for very recent info.

    1. Heisler's in New Rochelle gets all of its baked goods from Butterflake in Teaneck. So you can call Butterflake, order something and pick it up in New Rochelle.

      I also like Gruenberg's in Riverdale.

      1. "Susan Sez" in the Columbia U neighborhood! Under the OK, Pareve and delicious!

        1. Moishe's in the East Village is an excellent bakery, but a little old fashioned. I also second Butterflake.

          1. Try Gideon's on 187th street between fort Washington ave and Cabrini boulevard in upper manhattan

            Or gruenebaums bakery in river dale. I can vouch wholeheartedly for the quality of their cakes