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Jul 17, 2014 01:47 PM

shout out to Temple Bar

I needed someplace that 7 of us, including a wheelchair user and a walker user, could have a reasonably-priced dinner on a Monday near Cambridge, where we could park close by and hear each other talk. Finding someplace that met all our requirements was not easy. One favorite would not let such a big party order off the regular menu. Several places are closed on Mondays. Lots of Cambridge restaurants seem to have rest rooms in the basement. Too many are so cacophonous that we would not have had the kind of visit we envisioned.

We ended up at Temple Bar, which was perfect. In the end, only 6 folks came and only 5 actually ate a full meal. Nevertheless, the brand new waitress was attentive and helpful. The food was really good too! Figured this was a good way to show them some love.

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  1. This is really good to know. Thanks for sharing this information. Very useful.

    1. Seriously, a restaurant wouldn't allow a party of seven to order off the regular menu? That's an odd way to do business!

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            oh my! good to know, and so disappointing!

      1. Boston Bread. Comes in the bread basket. Wow that stuff with the whipped butter is insane.