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Vegan/Vegetarian Options in Santa Clarita (SCV) ?

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Any favorite places to go for vegan/vegetarian food in the Santa Clarita valley? TIA

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  1. Man’oushée http://www.manoushee.com/

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    1. re: Servorg

      Thanks! I'll check them out tonight!

      1. re: Servorg

        Any tips on what to order?

      2. I am down in SGV at least 2x a year visiting my son and always try to get to Egg Plantation in downtown Newhall. They have a very extensive menu (and it's mostly breakfast items, so not really vegan) and is very popular. There has always been a wait whenever I've gone there. The service is always very good and nice ambiance as well.

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          Didn't find any vegan options at Eggplantation, but I wonder if they can customize...plenty of vegetarian items though! Thanks for the tip.

        2. Not sure when you're going, or if you're just asking in general, but a LYFE Kitchen is opening at the mall. It's a small chain, but pretty good food many vegan/vegetarian options.

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            Thanks! I generally stay away from chains if I can help it, but if I'm in the area I'll give it a try!