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Il Ponte Cucina Italiana?

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Walking to work this morning I passed by the signs up in the window at the Condo on Queen east just before the bridge heading west. I think the address is 625 east. Anyways, originally The Real Jerk was slotted for there but it couldn't get the liquor license as condo residents fought the application. (not surprised as The Real Jerk can get loud at night)

Looks like there is another restaurant moving in. Sign says Il Ponte Cucina Italian (I think...)

Has anyone have any information on this?

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  1. I would love to know more about this, too.

    1. http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2014/...

      '"I don’t think that the residents outright didn’t want The Real Jerk,” said Garland. “They were looking for a restaurant that was a little bit more family-oriented and a little bit quieter.”
      Il Ponte is just a “better fit".'

      Well, I guess I would have expected more from the Riverside residents.

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        I called this as soon as the issues started to happen. I'm so disappointed.

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          As someone who goes to the Real Jerk regularly .. I was disappointed when this whole fiasco was happening, however I'm much happy with their new current location then if it had of been in this condo (as I think they owners are too, they are doing a much better business now).

          Also, I can see from the Condo perspective why they didn't want the Real Jerk there... I wouldn't have wanted it there if I was living in that condo. It can get loud on their Iree-Oke nights... The Real Jerk has more of a bar type aspect too it vs just a restaurant.