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Jul 17, 2014 01:02 PM

Il Ponte Cucina Italiana?

Walking to work this morning I passed by the signs up in the window at the Condo on Queen east just before the bridge heading west. I think the address is 625 east. Anyways, originally The Real Jerk was slotted for there but it couldn't get the liquor license as condo residents fought the application. (not surprised as The Real Jerk can get loud at night)

Looks like there is another restaurant moving in. Sign says Il Ponte Cucina Italian (I think...)

Has anyone have any information on this?

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  1. I would love to know more about this, too.


      '"I don’t think that the residents outright didn’t want The Real Jerk,” said Garland. “They were looking for a restaurant that was a little bit more family-oriented and a little bit quieter.”
      Il Ponte is just a “better fit".'

      Well, I guess I would have expected more from the Riverside residents.

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      1. re: happycamper

        I called this as soon as the issues started to happen. I'm so disappointed.

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          As someone who goes to the Real Jerk regularly .. I was disappointed when this whole fiasco was happening, however I'm much happy with their new current location then if it had of been in this condo (as I think they owners are too, they are doing a much better business now).

          Also, I can see from the Condo perspective why they didn't want the Real Jerk there... I wouldn't have wanted it there if I was living in that condo. It can get loud on their Iree-Oke nights... The Real Jerk has more of a bar type aspect too it vs just a restaurant.

        2. Has anyone been yet? Can't seem to find their menu online anywhere yet so curious about what style Italian it is?

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            I walked in before the New Year hoping to have a quick bite only to find that they were actually not open yet despite the doors being unlocked. I chatted with the own for a few minutes, he was very nice and sent me home with a free pizza which they has just whipped up while testing menu items. The pizza was a nice thin crust with quality toppings - very tasty. I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of the menu looks like.

            1. re: pippineast

              Just went out on a limb and entered "il ponte dot ca"... success!


            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. I finally had the chance to check this place out. One word for it, disappointment. I had real hopes for this place as I heard some good reviews but either I was there on an off night (a really off night) or I just have completely different expectations from everyone else.
                My husband and I stopped in mid-week at around 6:30. Inside there was two tables taken. We decided to sit outside as there AC was broken (Strike 1). When we arrived, outside was about half full (say 5 table, if that)
                They only offer two or three wines by the glass for both red and white. (Strike 2) Their 'house' wine is Farnese… Seriously? Farnese? Having been to Italy, Italians take pride in their wines. Farnese really does not cut it IMHO. (Not at a restaurant I mean, its fine for a cheap bottle at home)
                We ordered the antipasto to start. This came out about 20 minutes after we ordered it…to long. (Strike 3) The girl laid it on the table and walked away. I don’t recall ever having antipasto or a charcuterie (which we always order if it’s on the menu) where the server did not explain what was on the plate. The plate was fine, it had 3 types of meat (4 slices each) and 3 types of cheeses (4 of each) and some olives and a few bread sticks. It would have been nice to have a few preserves or better bread (crostini?) at the $20 price tag. (Strike 4)
                I ordered a pizza and my husband ordered a pasta. 40 minutes AFTER we had eaten the antipasto we finally asked our server where our food was. He didn’t say anything but just ran off. I have a feeling he forgot to put the order in. A few minutes later he came out and said it will be a few minutes as the pizza was in the oven. (Strike 5)
                Out comes my pizza which was supposed to be Figs and Prosciutto. I have had this style of pizza many times and I usually love it. I love the sweet and salty aspect of it. This pizza was a big letdown. The figs were green and under ripe. No sweetness, it almost looked and tasted like I was eating Zucchini. There was a ton of cheese on the pizza, which you don’t normally see with these styles of pizza which made it greasy. It was just blah. (Strike 6)
                5 minutes later my husband gets his pasta. I will say that this was fine. He wasn’t over the moon, but he said it was descent. However he was so pissed off with everything else, that might have dampened his taste buds.
                Nobody came by at any point to ask us how the food was. We waited at least 10 minutes once done before the server came by (he might have been the owner by the way). We asked for the bill, which we then sat… and waited. (Strike 7)
                Both of us went to the bathroom (at separate times) and had the same experience. Walked in, as it was dark, turned on the light, nope, that was turning the light off. Turned it back on to see the very dimly lit bathroom. Couldn’t see where the paper towels were, or the garbage bin, without straining. (Strike 8)
                Weeknight meal in an empty restaurant took 2 hours…. To eat cured meats and cheese, a pizza and a pasta. Not acceptable.
                I will mention that the service was very friendly for the most part, the restaurant other than the dark bathrooms was nice as well and the pasta wasn’t a complete disaster. However there are so many things that needs improvements that I can’t see us ever going back with all the other options in the neighborhood. It’s a shame as I really hoped for greatness!

                What happened?!?!? Could it have been an off night?!

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                1. re: Kassi22

                  I got a takeout order of two pizza's once and they were fine. However, the whole service experience was weird. I wanted to pay cash and they were confused for some reason. There was a guy in jeans, running shoes and a hoodie standing outside as a doorman? The whole thing was just weird.

                  1. re: Kassi22

                    I went with a guest from Vancouver - must have been last March or so - I was very impressed by the superb hospitality and service, and the food was good - but would I go back? - I don't think so. Just wasn't one of those places that springs to mind when I get a "taste memory".

                    1. re: KitchenVoodoo

                      I went perhaps the beginning of June and those are my thoughts exactly.