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Jul 17, 2014 11:35 AM

good not-expensive eats in Indianapolis (not downtown)?

I'm going on a business trip to Indianapolis next week... we'll be staying in NE Indianapolis (Castleton area?). We will have a car, but due to the locations of our meetings, I think we'll generally be looking for restaurants towards the east side (NE, E, and SE) of the the city. I'm starting a new thread because most of the Indianapolis discussions seem to focus on the downtown area and higher end restaurants outside of downtown.

We're mostly looking for good value... not necessarily huge portions, but good quality for the price, and think of Oakley's as being on the high end of what we can afford. Any gems we should try to hit? :)


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  1. The Legend in Irvington is one suggestion. My family likes it and I've been there when visiting. There is a small microbrewery in the same block called Black Acre if that appeals to anyone in your group btw.

    I haven't made it yet, but keep wanting to try Papa Roux. i think they have location downtown as well, but the original is on the east side.

    I had also seen some positive reviews on the buffet dining at Fort Harrison--that may not be gourmet, but it may be interesting to check out.

    Unfortunately, even though my family is on the SE and NE side of town, the memorable meals we've had have been downtown. Hopefully a local can help with some more options.

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      Thanks for the suggestions...I was wondering about Papa Roux, so I think that one is going on the short list :) I'll also run the microbrewery idea by the crew.