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Jul 17, 2014 08:49 AM

Swordfish recipes

I'm fortunate to live in an area with a good fishing fleet that goes after a lot of swordfish, so needless to say it's fairly cheap and we eat it a lot. Does anyone have any good recipes for either swordfish steaks or kabobs. We mostly just cover it in mayo and grill it. Any and all suggestions on how to change things up are welcome. Thanks.

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  1. I grill it with pepper only, sprinkle with lemon or lime. IMO it does not need or want anything else.

    1. I grill it with some mildly spicy seasonings, sometimes a cajun one, and then shred it and make soft tacos out of it. Grilled swordfish really makes for good tacos.

      1. I sometimes blacken it in a very hot cast iron pan (outside, in my gas grill cover down). Normally though, I coat liberally with Old Bay then dredge in olive oil (not too much) and grill on hot fire. I finish with a compound butter made with lemon juice, parsley, anchovy and garlic melted on top or simply butter.

        1. I agree with the taco recommendation. That's always what I do with leftovers. I mostly grill it pretty plain as well. Sometimes I use lemon olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano. That's if I want dinner to have Greek flavors. I also like to serve it with chopped tomatoes and basil after grilling plain. I also will sometimes brush the end...with some pesto. Nice flavor.

          1. Swordfish takes very well to sous-vide cooking, should you be so inclined. Sous vide at 117F for about an hour (depending on the thickness), then grill on the hottest you can get your grill just long enough to mark it -- a minute or less per side. Then sauce -- fresh tomato, basil & red onion salad, emulsified herb vinaigrette with anchovy & garlic, watercress puree, etc., etc. Hard to go wrong if the fish is fresh & not over- or underdone. And the sousvide makes it almost too easy.