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Swordfish recipes

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I'm fortunate to live in an area with a good fishing fleet that goes after a lot of swordfish, so needless to say it's fairly cheap and we eat it a lot. Does anyone have any good recipes for either swordfish steaks or kabobs. We mostly just cover it in mayo and grill it. Any and all suggestions on how to change things up are welcome. Thanks.

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  1. I grill it with pepper only, sprinkle with lemon or lime. IMO it does not need or want anything else.

    1. I grill it with some mildly spicy seasonings, sometimes a cajun one, and then shred it and make soft tacos out of it. Grilled swordfish really makes for good tacos.

      1. I sometimes blacken it in a very hot cast iron pan (outside, in my gas grill cover down). Normally though, I coat liberally with Old Bay then dredge in olive oil (not too much) and grill on hot fire. I finish with a compound butter made with lemon juice, parsley, anchovy and garlic melted on top or simply butter.

        1. I agree with the taco recommendation. That's always what I do with leftovers. I mostly grill it pretty plain as well. Sometimes I use lemon olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano. That's if I want dinner to have Greek flavors. I also like to serve it with chopped tomatoes and basil after grilling plain. I also will sometimes brush it...at the end...with some pesto. Nice flavor.

          1. Swordfish takes very well to sous-vide cooking, should you be so inclined. Sous vide at 117F for about an hour (depending on the thickness), then grill on the hottest you can get your grill just long enough to mark it -- a minute or less per side. Then sauce -- fresh tomato, basil & red onion salad, emulsified herb vinaigrette with anchovy & garlic, watercress puree, etc., etc. Hard to go wrong if the fish is fresh & not over- or underdone. And the sousvide makes it almost too easy.

            1. Hi Karl - I think an awesome thing for swordfish is a light miso smear using red miso paste, a small amount of light oil, lemon, and ginger. Or some variation on that. Not too much to cover up the taste of the fish but enough added salt and flavor from the miso.

              1. We usually only do lemon juice, salt & pepper. A friend mentioned this Indonesian marinade which was pretty good. Nothing Indonesian about it as far as I can tell though.

                1. Hi Karl,

                  I LOVE swordfish. Have you ever used a mustard sauce on it? Go about 60:40 mayo to dijon, and spike that mixture with some Green Tabasco and Worcestershire and a bit of red wine vinegar or a spritz of lemon (add the three latter sparingly and taste as you go)

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                      I think that really depends on what kind of teriyaki sauce marinade we're talking about. I'd hate for someone to put glop on such a magnificent fish that is actually being overfished. No, it isn't supercritical yet, but please don't abominate a wondrous and beautiful fish that the creator gave us with a sugar-filled, starch-ridden, crap sauce. Maybe that's not what you meant, but if anyone marinates swordfish in a commercial crap teriyaki sauce on the basis of this thread, I should hari-kari myself on the swordfish himself.

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                        I had been led to believe that is IS overfished. I gather the average weight of the catch is down dramatically. I adore the stuff and practically cried, as a boy, when it was banned for a few years. But I am very careful about ordering it now just because I feel so bad about its future. I'd support a five year ban just to get the stocks up.

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                          Swordfish also has very high levels of mercury, so the OP may want to consider the frequency they consume it....

                      2. A classic Sicilian-Southern Italian classic condimento: samoriglio. In a plate, mix good extra virgin olive oil, a little warm water, s/p, some sliced garlic, and chopped fresh parsley and a healthy hit of strong oregano--Greek or Italian on the stalk, if possible. Set aside. Salt and pepper fish, grill to taste. Set in sauce on plate, spooning some on top, for a few minutes. Serve with lemon. Alternatively, you could brush the fish with some of the sauce, using an oregano branch, say. Goes really well with sides of greens (chard with oil and lemon), roasted small potatoes, or a little side stew of fresh string beans (try the flat romano variety), potatoes, tomatoes, and onions with basil. Close with a Sicilian salad of sliced oranges, fennel, and red onion, and black olives dressed with salt, oil, and juice from the sliced oranges.

                        1. Love swordfish. Simple, delicious seasoning is to rub anchovy paste on both sides and grill.

                          1. I did this miso-ginger marinade with hake. http://norecipes.com/recipe/miso-cod-... It is simple, delicious, and should be excellent with swordfish.

                            1. If you have access to fresh mint and basil, this is one I like...


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                                I think I'll give this a try. Any tips on grilling swordfish? Any problems with it sticking?

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                                  Just be sure that your grill is preheated. I also rub the hot grate with a folded paper towel dipped in vegetable oil before I put anything on it.

                                  Also, only turn the fish once. It will come loose when it is ready to turn.

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                                    Thanks. Seems I remember hearing swordfish is one of the easier fish to grill, so I'll give it a try.

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                                      Yes. It is not flaky, so it doesn't stick as easily. It's almost like grilling a steak.

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                                        That makes me feel more confident, so thank you very much!

                              2. our favorite is grilled with a habanero mango salsa. fresh habs, mango, cilantro, scallions, olive oil, lime juice, salt and pepper.

                                1. I love it grilled with just a bit of oil, then topped with homemade tapenade. I use this Silver Palate recipe, using a few more anchovies instead of the tuna. http://www.food.com/recipe/tapenade-f...